The story begins with Clive and Louise, armed with a basic grasp of Italian and a clear vision, scouring the Italian countryside to find the perfect terracotta pots for their farmhouse garden.  On their second trip, they found a pottery willing to make pots to Louise’s designs.

The resulting pieces became a talking point with friends, and before long the kitchen table became a desk and “Italian Terrace” became a business. As demand grew, the challenges of juggling farming, family and pots led to the business moving into a dilapidated barn, which was eventually refurbished, complete with display area for the ever expanding collection of beautiful terracotta pots.

The story continues with an American in London married to an Englishman with deep roots in Greece who could not live without olive and fig trees in large terracotta pots. In search of the perfect vases for their city garden Liz and Peter found Clive and Louise and together they decided to take Italian Terrace overseas.


Twenty two years and fourteen Chelsea Flower Show Awards later, our beautiful terracotta pots can be found anywhere from English stately homes, New York city roof terraces, Parisienne courtyards, Spanish villas, glasshouses in Sweden and poolside verandas in Los Angeles.

Italian Terrace continues to be run by a small but knowledgeable team. It will always be important to us no matter where our pots are sent to provide our clients not only with exceptional terracotta pots and oil jars but outstanding service. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you will come back to us again and again.


Our pots take about six weeks to make. We blend the best Italian clay to achieve a pale color and a special finish is added to create the weathered texture. We make by hand, using traditional press molded techniques. Gentle air drying and firing at high temperatures in our modern gas kilns ensures strength and durability in the winter months. We have created designs and shapes that suit our classical and contemporary architecture, with the growth of plants in mind.

The Collection

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece"

- Claude Monet