Our terracotta pots are extremely strong and durable providing our instructions have been followed.  Here is some important advice; if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Winters vary throughout the country and you are the best judge of when it is necessary to ensure your valuable garden features are protected.

We have always made our pots to remain in the garden all year round. With dramatic changes in climate a regular feature, it is now necessary to take extra care with your pots and plants against severe drops in temperature and strong winds. Please see our advice leaflet on the steps we recommend.





We have planted up many pots over the years… and perhaps the most important lesson that our experience has taught us is that plants and pots with poor drainage can suffer.

Drainage is vital, and our tried and tested instructions should always be followed for the health of plants, and the life of your pots.  See ‘how to pot up’ for more information.


In time your pots will weather more and grow lichen – this seems to be appealing to most people, but it is a matter of taste. Minerals in the soil and water will be absorbed into the clay and have an effect on the pot’s future appearance. To help keep the pots ‘clean’ you could use the ‘pot in a pot’ technique (see advice leaflet for instructions).


Click to view and download our full advice leaflet

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